Hi, My name is Yaniv Lev Ari, but I assume you already guessed it… (ha ha ha). After more than 25 years online, and more than 22 years in Advertising niche ( I’m not that old, I began early), I can say for sure – Digital advertising is the thing I’m good at. Real good.

I could have try to convince you, but to be honest – I am not intent to do that. I already have my customers, and those are the only ones I have to convince I’m great at what I’m doing. All the rest, and that includes my wife and my parents, and even you – have one of two options to choose from – believe me, or not.

The only thing I can offer you, is to find me in Linkedin, contact me, and tell me about your project. You may do that or not, it’s your choice only. After I’ll get your message, I will consider your project and will let you know when we can start working together.

Well, I’ve already said too much, and already wasted too much time.

I gotta get back to work, helping my customers achieve better results than their best.


Yaniv Lev Ari